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Instructor of Jungsaemmool Art&Academy

Under the educational philosophy of Jung saem mool Art & Academy, Jung saem mool Inspiration Artist Group made the creative beauty trends based on our basic components and years of experiences. We are beauty master of Jungsaemmool Inspiration who spread the K-Beauty to the overseas.

We will initiate our field senses and know-how from beauty houses, TV dreams, movies, advertisements, magazines, and backstage at fashion shows to people who are dare to dream a professional make-up artists.

* Click the each instructor’s picture for detailed profile.

손주희 총괄 원장 권희선 원장 박선미 원장 고연정 원장 최현정 부원장 최윤미 부원장 강여진 실장 정미영 실장 이주연 실장 김세림 실장