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일반게시판 게시글
Intensive Course
All of the courses were my favorite. Every theme is unique and interesting in its own way. I LIKE THEM ALL. The cross practice is good so that as a makeup artist, we can actually feel what we're doing. Every teacher is very good and experienced. Not only they teach from their technical skill but also with their years and years of experience. It's really nice that they are willing to share that as well. Everyone involved in this course has been really helpful and helped to create a fun learning environment. I really enjoyed my time learning here
Intensive Course
My favorite class was K-idol, I'm going to use it in my career!!
Intensive Course
My favorite was the Wedding course, because she cover, color are control. I recommend this for evevryone, here is so excellent! Everything is so good! The instructors are well teacher to help us fix we do wrong!
Intensive Course
The K-Drama was my favorite theme because I can adapt the techniques with natural everyday makeup look, but I loved every themes/classes! I've learned so many things that help me to improve my skill. Everyone is so kind and encourages me to do better!
Intensive Course
My favorite theme was the Wedding, the details it it shows a lot. I love the overall output. A new level of respect to K-Beauty. The attention to details are insane!
Private Lesson
I learned how to do a daily/party makeup look, and enjoyed everything! It was super helpful!
Intensive Course
The K-Base class was my favorite theme. It looks so easy but it is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult classes. It was the best experience ever. THe world must know more about this course!
Intensive Course
My favorite theme was K-Pop because it's fun and makes me feel happy, but I thought that all classes were perfect and everyone is very friendly
Wedding Course
Personal color is something I wanted to learn because I didn't know it before, so it was my favorite class. Teaching content is very good, teachers are friendly and helpful all the time. The team is very good.
Wedding Course
It's good that academy has prepared the course material, example makeup, products, tools, skincare that we need to use for makeup session. My favorite theme is Korean Natural Makeup and Personal color, it's fun and good to know to learn your own personal color, and also other client colour to match the perfect color on itself. I would like to recommend to other makeup artists, those who keen for advanced wedding course, because I learn a lot of different technique from different instructors. I love Jung Saemmool very much, and also the products too! I came all the way because of learning the Key7 makeup skills and met many new friends in class.
Wedding Course
I dont have any least favorite class, everything was excellent, but my favorite was the personal color class. I want to recommend this course to everyone since you can learn a lot of new techniques from here
Intensive Course
Everything in the course was excellent! From the content to the environment. My favorite lesson was the Special Lecture, since I got to learn more about the colors and how to properly use them!
Intensive Course
Personal color from Miss Jung was my favorite! She got so many technique that made the makeup more easier in color. Every professor is also willing to help, and kindness.
Intensive Course
I like personal colour the most because it helps me to put makeup easily not only myself, and my clients. I have to practice more about the sense of eyebrow, I have to draw follow the eyebrow hair and fill empty space and try to gradiant the colour of the eyebrow. I would love to tell my friends about this course. Moreover if I have time, I would like to study the other courses of JSM!
Intensive Course
I love JSM and I hope I can comeback again. My favorite was K-Pop because I love color and cute concept. I love everyone!
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