-Become a professional Make up Artist in 1998
-Become a member of Jungsaemmool Inspiration in 2004
-She is the Senior director of Make-up department
at Jungsaemmool Inspiration Chungdam WEST branch

In Young Seo, Jung Ah Yang, Eru, Eun Ji Park and etc.

Tae Hee Kim (KTF, LG Cyon), Hyo Ri Lee (Anycall, G Market),
BOA (Kookmin Card, Olympus Mu), Young Ah Lee (Swibell), So Ri Moon
(de Vinch), Woo Sung Jung (Mega Pass), Yoon Jin Kim (Riche Ville), Sun A Kim
(Paris Baguette), Ji Hyun Jeon (Elastin, Laneige), Yang Hye Jin, Bum Soo Sohn
(AIG Life Insurance), Chae Lim (Electronic Land), Hye Kyo Song (LG Card,
ETUDE), Yoo Min (Orbis), Hye Jin Han (Hi Mart), Joo Hyun Ok (Pasteur), Mi
Yeon Lee (Hanyul Cosmetics), In Young Seo (Maybelline, Woongjin Coway,
CJ One Card, Shoedazzle, Innerb, Mixxo, H&T, Lilian), KARA (LesMore, Ecorre,
ASK, KARA Bakery, Nature Republic, Hong Cho, Unionbay, Donga Otsuka)

Hyo Jing Gong (The Birth of a Family), an

Chae Lim (Dalja's Spring), Chae Won Moon (Okay Dad!), and etc.

Variety Show
In Young Seo(We Got Married, Star Life Theater, Launch My Life, Seo In Young's
KAIST. Seo In Young's Star Beauty Show)

Music Video & Album Cover
BOA (5th Album 'Girls On Top' M/V), Fin.K.L (M/V), Maybe (2nd Album 'Luv
Cloud' M/V & Cover), Bubble Sisters (M/V), Brown Eyed Girls (M/V & Cover), Eru
(4th Album 'Got to be' M/V), Jewelry (5th Album 'Kitchi Island' M/V & Cover, 6th
Album 'Sophisticated' M/V & Cover), In Young Seo (2nd Album 'Elly is Cinderella'
M/V & Cover, Digital Single 'Into the Rhythm', 'Anymore', 'Let's Dance' M/V &
Cover, Ballad Best Album M/V & Cover, Mini Album 'Oh My Gosh', Love Me' M/V
& Cover), KARA ( 2nd Album 'Revolution' M/V & Cover, 2nd Mini Album 'Pretty
Girl' M/V & Cover, Special Edition 'Honey' M/V & Cover, 3rd Album 'STEP' M/V &
Cover, 3rd Mini Album 'Lupin' M/V & Cover, 4th Mini Album 'Jumping' M/V &
Cover), and etc.

05' F/W 'Colombo' Show
06' S/S 'Song Sung Keun' Show
06' S/S 'Lee Gwang Hee' Show
06' S/S 'Floce' Show
12' Seoul Fashion Week 'Park Choon Moo' Show
14' 'L'OREAL' Show
14' 'Andre Kim' Show
14' 'Vera Wang' Dress Show
14' 'Yong Soo Ha' Pantene Show
14' 'Lee Young Hee' Hanbok Show
11' Seoul Fashion Week 'Park Choon Moo' Show

Vogue, Vogue Girl, Elle, Elle Girl, Cosmopolitan, Beautypl, First Look, High Cut,
Nobless, InStyle, CeCi, marie claire, Men's Health, Singles, SURE, anan,
Lasposa, Wedding 21, My Wedding, Luxury, Lady's Highlight, Prestige Living,
Maxim, Hanat, and etc.

Jungsaemmool Academy- Instructor
Shinsegae Department Store-Beauty class
Hyundae Department Store-Beauty class
The Shilla Hotel-Trend Make up class