-Become a professional Make up artist in 1995
-Worked as an instructor at Beauty Art Department of Kyungbok University
-Worked as an instructor at Fashion College-Make-up Department of
Sejong University
-Worked as a 6th make up instructor at MBC-TV Show 'Open your dreams'
-Worked as an senior chief at Cho Sung Ah Beauty Form
-Worked as a director at Avenue Juno
-She is the vice president at Jungsaemmool Inspiration

Tae Hee Kim, BOA, Min Young Park, Joo Hyun Ok, Joo Mi Park, Eun Mi Lee,
and etc.

Tae Hee Kim (Ohui, HERA, BC Card, LG Cyon, Olympus, Prugio, Dios, French
Cafe, Paris Baguette, Toyota, Elastin), Ye Seul Han (Clarins, Venus, Reebok,
VOV, Woori card, Cafe Bene, Double Rich, Whisen, SI catalog), Yu Min (Orbis),
Min Young Park (Apieu, THEFACESHOP,Buckaroo, Compagna, Berrisom, Hite
Jinro Soju, Solb), BOA (Missha, Hite), Joon Hee Go (Missha), Sinae (VOV),
Ji Won Ha (Chamisul Soju), Yeon Jae Sohn (THEFACESHOP, Tetra-Pak Milk)
Dam Bi Son (Enprani), Chae Young Han (Marie Claire), Mi Yeon Lee (Hanyul),
Geun Young Moon (VOV), Joo Mi Park (Missha, Lunasol), Jung Min Byun
(Klasse, Aveeno), Jung Soo Byun (Mise-en-Scene, Tromm), Yoon Ah Song
(Hanbul ICS, KEB card) and etc.

Tae Hee Kim (The Fight, Grand Prix), Ye Seul Han (Thought out Miss Shin)

Tae Hee Kim (IRIS), Min Young Park (Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal, City Hunter,
Glory Jane, Dr. Jin, Ja Myung Go), Ye Seul Han (Tazza)

BOA (6th Album 'Hurricane Venus' M/V, 'Game' M/V),
Eu Gene (2nd Album '810303 M/V & Cover),
Jaurim (3rd Album 'Jaurim, 'The Wonderland Cover',
5th Album 'All Your Need Is Love' Cover),
Yoon Ah Kim (2nd Album 'Glass Mask' M/V & Cover)

1998 Zio Song Collection
1999 L'OREAL Trend Show
99~01 L'OREAL Nuancelle Aha
2000 'Lee Jung Woo' Collection
2003 S/S Pret-a-porter 'ENZUNAN' Paris Collecion
2004 S/S OBZEE Show