Management policy

Jungsaemmool Art & Academy regards the personal information that users enter as very important and complies with the policy on the website services.

Policy of handling personal information

Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or “Academy”) recognizes the great importance of protecting your privacy and abides by stipulations regarding privacy under the "The Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.", the “Personal Information Protection Guidelines”, the “Protection of Communications Secrets Act”, and the “Telecommunications Business Act” established by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Under its Privacy Policy regarding personal information, The Academy explains the purpose and methods of using personal information submitted by customers and measures taken to protect personal information.
Regarding change on collection and use of Personal information, Academy will notify user via homepage “notice” board or other method at least 7 days ahead. However, notification will be conveyed at least 30 days before regarding collection or usage of personal information, providing information to 3rd party.


[Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information]

1. Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd. only collects information directly required to provide services, and the information is collected through fair and appropriate means. Mandatory items are Name, Facebook ID, Profile photo, Country, and gender. While Using of service, Date of the birth, email, contact number, and Facebook information items could be created or collected to use more service menu.
2. The Academy collects personal information for membership management for ID verification, PIN number verification, preventing unauthorized use, duplication membership, handling complaint inquiries, and official announcement. Also it could be used for shipping, contents translation, rate calculation, inquiries of payment information and order history of commercial services and events.
3. The personal information could be used for the marketing and advertising purposes such as new service development, providing personalized services, provide latest information including products or events, log in history, and member’s service use data.
4. The Academy does not collect sensitive personal information which poses a risk of infringing upon basic rights (race and ethnicity, ideology and beliefs, hometown and legal domicile, political inclination and criminal record, health conditions such as medical history, sexual orientation, etc.)
5. The Academy obtains your consent to the collection of personal information. We provide a process through website (by processing program and service use) written forms, phone and fax, one-to-one inquiries, email, participation in giveaway events, delivery request, unity website, and affiliated companies.


[Handling of Personal Information by an Outside Party]

With your consent, The Academy may contract the services of an outside party to handle your personal information to facilitate work activities. In such case, you will be notified in advance regarding the name of the handling company and the scope of its activities. Also profile photo and name will appear in between members.
However, there are some exceptions that are allowed. When you agree to allow for us to use your personal information via affiliated companies’ service, and we could ask for more information or change.
However, notwithstanding that we provide information pursuant to relevant laws or at the request of investigative authorities, we shall notify the person in question, in principle.


[Items of Personal Information to be collected]

1. Personal information from interlocked Facebook.
-Mandatory items: Name, Facebook ID, Profile Photo, Country, Gender
-Optional items: Date of birth, email
2. Personal information that are used for on line inquiry, business partnership, and events participation.
3. Collection of information generated through a website service use data
- Application record, key word searching, service use history, IP Address, and long in time.


[Retention and Use Period for Personal Information]

1. The Academy destroys without delay the personal information it has collected once the purposes for its collection and use of personal information have been fulfilled. However, please note that the following information below may be retained after termination.
- Retention category: Information retention of the Academy policy
- Retention bases: Cooperate investigation on related illegal use
- Retention period: 1 year
The information retained by Academy is to be used only for the retention purpose, and the retention period shall be as follows:
- Retention category: Records of identification records
- Retention bases: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce
- Retention period: 6 months
- Retention category: Records of visitation
- Retention bases: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
- Retention period: 3 months
The destruction procedures and methods are as follows:
- Information which applicants have provided is deleted once the purposes of its collection and use of personal information have been fulfilled.
- The personal information moved to a database is not used for purposes other than the purpose for which it was retained.
Methods of destruction:
Personal information will be destroyed by paper grinder and shredder
- The personal information saved as an electronic file format is deleted by using technical methods that ensure the records cannot be regenerated


[Scope and Methods of inquiry and deleting Personal Information]

You may withdraw your consent for the collection, use and provision of personal information given upon member registration at any time. For withdrawal of consent, you may click “Withdraw membership” on site management or contact the Personal Information Management Officer in writing or via phone or e-mail.
The necessary steps including destruction of personal information will be taken promptly after confirming your identity unless stipulated otherwise by relevant laws.
In the event that measures such as the withdrawal of consent and destruction of personal information are taken, such fact will be notified to you promptly.
The Academy will take the necessary steps so that withdrawal of consent for personal information collection can be executed with greater ease compared to the methods for collecting personal information.


[Personal Information Protection Manager and user service]

We take reasonable steps to ensure that we retain information about you only for so long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, or as required under any contract or by applicable law.
However, Academy is not responsible for the damages might occur from such as cyber terror or risk or network stability.
For any other inquiries regarding personal information, you may contact the following institutions.
•    Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
(URL: / Phone: 118)
•    Cybercrime Investigation Department of Supreme prosecutor’s Office Republic of Korea
(URL: / Phone: 02-3480-3571)



Terms of Use

Article 1. Purpose

This following text outlines the Terms of Use of all the websites (,,,,, from the “Jungsaemmool Co., Ltd.” and “Promachos Co., Ltd.’s” internet website related service. These Terms of Use affect your legal rights and obligations. If you do not agree to be bound by all of these Terms of Use, do not access or use the service.


Article 2. Effects and Changes on Terms of Use Statement

1. This statement will effect only through “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.”

2. Users are able to find the Terms of Use statement on the initial screen page of “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy”.

3. Act on the consumer protection in the electronic commerce transactions, regulation of standardized contracts act, framework act on electronic commerce, digital signature act, the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information, door to door selling act, (consumer protection law, and other related laws may be revised by “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” without violating them.

4. In the event of revising provisions, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall provide notification of the causes of revision and date of application, along with current provisions, on the initial page beginning 30 days prior to the date of application through one day before the date of application. However, if it’s not a major difference to the users, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall provide the information on the initial page beginning 7 days prior to the date of application through one day before the date of application.

5. Revised provisions shall be applicable to users registered as members before the revision as far as the revised provisions do not violate related laws. However, with regard to users who clearly notified refusal of the application of the revised provisions during its notification period, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall apply provisions before revision to those users.


Article 3. Other Terms and Conditions

The interpretation of details not specified in this agreement are followed by Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act, Regulation Act, and other related act and custom, which are determined by Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Directive, Fair Trade Commission.


Article 4. Definition on Terms

This Terms of Use is appropriate for the following definition on terms:

1. Service: User can access to “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” website and related service through internet without terminals (digital assistants).

2. Member: Who made contract with “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” website following by Terms of Use and able to access “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” services.

3. Posting: Means information type articles including symbol, letter, voice, sound, screen, video, and various kinds of files that posted on “service” for the “Members” who use the “service”.


Article 5. Agreement on a Contract of Services and Uses

1. A User may become a Member of the site by filling out the membership application and indicating his/her intention to agree to these Terms of Use to use “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” “service”.

2. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” Approve application for the “applicant” to use “service”. However, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” may decline or terminate service to applicants in any of the following cases:

a. An “applicant’s” membership has been forfeited under Terms of Use hereof except in cases where an applicant has obtained consent for re-subscription to the site after one year from the forfeiture of membership.

b. Plagiarizing others’ name and/or personal information

c. When applicants apply the “membership”, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” could ask for authenticate and verifying a member’s identity according to the “membership” level.

d. Registers false information when applying for membership and refuse to provide the information that “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd. “requests for.

e. An applicant who is under 14 years of age, that didn’t obtain consent of a legal guardian to join the site.

f. Cannot be approved caused by users, or other various matters which recognizes as inappropriate while applying the site.

g. In a case of violating public order and morals.

h. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” could defer the approval when they recognize lack of the related facilities, technology and work problems about the service.

i. When “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” defer a Member’s membership or don’t approve registration of the Membership; in this case, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” notifies the member of such fact.

j. Membership contract takes effect at a time when the consent of “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” reaches a member.

k. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” membership grade can be specified for the “member” follow by company policy and could discriminate certain services such as hours of use, number of use, and service menu.

3. To use “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy’s” website, log in through “Facebook ID” and apply for the membership service.

4. All the user information on the Facebook will treat as a real data. If the user provides wrong name or information, the user cannot be protected by the law and can be subjected to “service” restriction.


Article 6. Changes of Personal Information

1. In case of changed personal information, members must notify “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy co., Ltd.”.

2. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” is not responsible for the entire disadvantage happening to members if it’s about not notifying the changes of personal information.


Article 7. Obligation of Personal Information and Protection

1. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd. shall collect and use user’s personal information by asking users to accept the law regarding the Information Communications Network Act and “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy’s” Private Policy Protection Act.

2. Provided personal information cannot be overused beyond purpose boundary or be given to third parties without proper consent of the user. In such case, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall be responsible for any damage. However, in events stated below, responsibility shall be exempted.

a. In the event that personal information is needed for fulfillment of the Telecommunications Basic Act or any other government organizations.

b. In the event that personal information is needed for fulfillment of Korea Internet Safety Commission but to request a common is difficult for criminal investigation.

c. Obligations to provide personal information in accordance of applicable Acts and subordinate statutes arise.


Article 8. Notification to Members

1. In the event that “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd. gives notice to a member, the company will provide notification to the email address and electronic memo from the “service” that provided by the users.

2. In the event that “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” gives notice to all members, it shall display the notice for more than seven days, which is equivalent to an individual notice.


Article 9. Duties of the Jungsaemmool Co., Ltd and Promachos Co., Ltd.’

1. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” tries their best to provide the stable “service” that doesn’t have violating public order and morals.

2. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” should have an effective security system to protect personal

information of Users (including credit information) in order for Users to securely use the Internet-based Services.

3. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall promptly and immediately cope with claims and/oropinions offered by users Also, the company must notify the “member” about the processing of the claims by email address or notice page.


Article 10. Duties of Users

1. Some of the reasons for stopping the service are listed below.

a. Registers false information when applying for membership or change the information.

b. Interfering with others’ use of the site or stealing others’ information;

c. Members are not allowed to use our service besides “member’s” use by publishing, duplicating, transmitting, or by other means.

d. Displaying information (including computer programs) that is not approved by the company.

e. Violating other member or “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” intellectual property rights.

f. Providing a statement that is damaging the company’s or other member’s reputation.

g. Perform acts of transmitting, disclosing, or displaying information that goes against good public orders and morals such as obscene, violent messages of image, voice, sentences, or models.

h. In case of contents related to criminal behavior.

i. Using “service” without company’s agreement for profit making purpose.

j. Members are not allowed to let the third party to use user ID.

k. (Though the user ID) Using “service” for encouraging inappropriate relationship purpose.

l. Commits any act prohibited by Acts and subordinate statutes.

2. “Member” shall not interrupt about the “service” use and follow the company’s requirements and notifications.

3. Causes from the “Members” are their responsibility to company or third party about the damage or loss.


Article 11. Member’s Duties for ID and Password

1. It is member’s responsibility to manage about Facebook ID and personal information. Company shall not be responsible for third party illegal use of member’s user ID and password.

2. Where “Members” are aware of the fact that their “ID” and “password” are stolen or used by a third party, they should notify “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” thereof and follow the instructions of company, if any.

3. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall not be responsible for any disadvantage of using the service from not notifying under Article 11 (2) and not following the instructions of company, if any.


Article 12. Provision of Services

1. You have 24 hours access all year around unless there is any technical issue with the “service” and “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” service access can be limited for each particular range.

2. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” is able to provide users the necessary information through email and/or post mail.

3. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” is able to post advertisement on service page, main screen, and email about the “service” management.

4. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” service hours can be specified for each particular range and it is company’s responsibility to notify the members.

5. You agree that “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” may, without prior notice, terminate your access to the site and/or block future access to the site if we determine that you have violated these terms of use or other guidelines which may be associated with your use of the site. In this case, company shall notify the members follow by Article 8 (Notification to Members) or notify later depend on the situation.

6. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” is able to carry out a regular inspection and shall notify the members about the hours on the service page.


Article 13. Change of Services

1. If “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” needs to change some of the “service” contents for technical, and management issue, company can change the entire or particular “service”.

2. If “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” feel the needs to add or delete some of the “service” contents for company’s policy management, company can change the particular “service”. It is not company’s responsibility to compensate for “members” if it’s not a special issue.


Article 14. Use of Service and Responsibilities

Using the services commercially without “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.’s” authorization, infringing any intellectual property rights, violating any other behavior that “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.”, in its sole discretion, deems contrary to its purpose. Upon termination of your “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” account, you lose access to the services.


Article 15. Postings and Contents

“Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall not be responsible for any service barriers caused by users. Also, you agree that “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” may, without prior notice, delete your post in any of the following cases.

a. In case of damaging or slandering other members

b. In case of attack or attempt to stabilized service management.

c. In case of contents related to criminal behavior.

d. Infringe on intellectual property rights, including copyrights, of “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” and any third party.

e. If specific period use of service exceed.

f. Other actions which company recognizes as inappropriate.


Article 16. Reversion and Limited Use of Copyright and a right of service

1. Include the name “Jungsaemmool” (Jungsaemmool Art & Academy, Jungsaemmool Academy. Jungsaemmool Inspiration, Jungsaemmool Attraction, Jungsaemmool Avenel, Jungsaemool The Lounge logo, Promachos logo, Point of Return logo, Mikimoto Cosmetics logo) all the logos, products, and name of the services are Jungsaemmool Co., Ltd.’s brand.

2. Intellectual property rights, including copyrights, to works created by “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” should be retained by “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” except for “postings” from the “members”.

3. Users must not, without prior consent of “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.”, use for disposal act, the information they acquire in the course of use of the site, by means of transfer, selling, and provision.

4. Members are responsible for the content of their “postings” on the site.

5. In case of violation about “Information and Communication Network Act” “Copyright” form the “members” postings, the administrator can delete or stop the “postings”.

6. If company finds out the violation of right or against the policy and related law, company can process the temporary measure about the “posting”.

7. Postings rom the “members” on “service” page can be exposure on the search result or promotions and the company can make changes or edit the posting.

When purpose of destroy or closed posting, company shall provide the “service” of demand.

8. In case of member’s posting is needed, the company shall notify and get agreement through member’s phone, fax, or email before they use the information.

9. Members are not allowed to use our service as a profit making purpose by publishing, duplicating, transmitting, or by other means.


Article 17. Termination and Service Limitation

1. A Member may request, at any time, termination of membership; and upon the request of termination, “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” will immediately proceed therewith.

2. When the “member” wants to cancel the membership, the company will destroy such personal information except for holding member’s information under the private policy.

3. When “member” requests for membership cancelation, all the postings (including “profile photo”, and user ID) will deleted from the site except for “postings” on the community page and scrapped postings from the third party.

4. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” may limit or terminate service to members in any of the following cases with no compensation:

a. Plagiarizing others’ service ID (Facebook ID).

b. Intentional interruption of service management.

c. In case of violating public order and morals.

d. Performing antinational act and disgraceful manners/actions.

e. Providing a statement that is damaging other member’s reputation.

f. Perform acts of transmitting or displaying information or computer programs.

g. Violating company or any third party’s intellectual property rights.

h. Duplicate of distribute the service as a profit making purpose

i. Other actions which “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” recognizes as inappropriate

5. According to Article 8 (Notification to Members) “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall notify users when the service stops or membership cancelation.

6. Members may request a formal objection of their limited access by the company at any time, and the company is obligated to respond to such request if they agree to member’s objection.


Article 18. Indemnity Clause

1. Company shall not be responsible for member’s access limitation in case of the natural disaster and similar situation, company may, without prior notice.

2. Company shall not be responsible for any service barriers caused by members.

3. Company shall not be responsible for any disadvantage of using the service.

4. Company shall not be responsible for dealings between member and third or between member and member use of service.

5. Company shall not be responsible for information, data, reliability, and accuracy from the member’s posting.


Article 19. Governing Law and Competent Court

1. The law of Republic of Korea shall be applied to a lawsuit between “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” and “Members”.

2. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” shall file a lawsuit on dispute, which may occur between company and members, to the Seoul District Court.


[Supplementary Provision] Enforcement Date

1. These Terms of Use are effective as of July 10, 2014.

2. “Jungsaemmool Art & Academy Co., Ltd.” can have additional Terms of Use and policy management. All the information and interpretation that are not fixed on this Terms of Use will follow the additional policy management, related act, or commercial practice.