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Students have been waiting to have specialist course to open for a very long time. On January 14, 2016 we had 1 day academy special course with 5 students all over the world. And finally we could meet up and had 1day course at newly renovated JSM Art&Academy studio. We had Hetty, Lilian, Ling, Phoebe from Hong Kong and Jayne from Australia in the class. They are all professional makeup artists back in their countries. They all wanted to learn Ms. Jung Saem Mool’s style of unique technique and K-style makeups. Ms. Hee Sun Kwon, senior director at Jung Saem Mool Inspiration salon was the instructor of 1day Academy special course. 1day specialist course is from morning to afternoon.






First morning session’s concept of makeup is K-beauty. It’s about natural Korean style makeup like you can see on TV drama. Demonstration started from skincare step. Ms. Kwon gave lesson about proper moisturizing step and handling technique.

Let all the skincare product absorbed to skin completely and make sure around the eyes, eyebrows and wings of the nose area don’t have excess oil. If there is excess oil left around those areas, other makeup won’t stay long. Prep skin with moisturizer and pink glow makeup base, make skin tone even.

Next step was base makeup step. Ms. Kwon applied star-cealer on model’s entire face. Draw imaginary diagonal line from end of eyebrow to lip commissure and around that line is the part that most of the product has to be applied. Blend and spread out with the rest of the amount. Eye area is thin and delicate area so very thin coat has to be applied. If lots of product is applied then it will be too thick and have crack later on so it will look like wrinkle.








And Ms. Kwon applied different colors of star zone brightener on different parts including eye area. And explained gave color tips for different colors of dark circles and troubled areas and let the students feel the texture of brightener. Students were asking many questions about making the skin tone even. Then Ms. Kwon applied paste type blush coral, peach color and tan color for shading. Students tried and felt the texture.

Fill inside hair line with bony brow matches hair color. Draw eye brows with bony brow using smudging powder side fill in bare areas, and then draw with pencil side. Along with ebony pencil naturally comb and blend out to have natural looking eyebrows.

For eye makeup Ms. Kwon used tinted paste as a base shadow and layered with natural color shadows. Draw guide line and mix brown and black gel liner to draw eye line. It’s better to use flat liner brush then pointy one.






Apply eye shadow on top of eye liner, smudge out make soften and deeper look. Connect tail of upper line and bottom line with shadow on triangle zone at tail of eyes. Make sure not to draw a define eye line, smudge and make sure you don’t see the line.




Before putting lashes, curl the lashes so the fake lashes can combine with the real lashes. Light up the skewers, blow out get rid of smoke and with the heat left on the skewers, curl the lashes. Students were all surprised and wanted to learn how to do. When putting false lashes, use natural length, color, thickness, not the whole lashes, divide into pieces.

Use tweezer and put in between lashes so that you don’t tell the difference between model’s own lashes and false lashes.

Students thought Ms. Kwon put lashes above the lash lines but she put in between lashes where she drew eye lines. Students were simply amazed by her technique. Then Ms. Kwon put mascara to hold lashes together to make natural lashes. Then she touched up blush, highlighter and removed dusts fell on under eye areas.

Students practice session followed by. All the students were focused and wanted to give it a try what Ms. Kwon showed demonstrations. Students just wanted do exactly how Ms. Kwon did show them, use the same cosmetics and asked so many questions to get it right.



After lunch break, the concept was Korean style wedding makeup. As it is the big day, the bride has to be the one who is the most alluring and sophisticated. For bright and flawless skin expression, Ms. Kwon applied essential skin nuder CC as a makeup base.

The Key point of K-style wedding makeup is long lasting makeup. So putting on solid base makeup is really important. And she used cream shadow contains not too much of glitter. If there is too much glitter, it might look too puffy. Draw guide line with shadow and the point color can be darker. Mix black and brown color gel liner and create deeper look.

Eye makeup is better to be little more defined, so when Ms. Kwon drew eye line, she winged out little bit. And always remember to give gradation with eye shadow so it can give deeper looking eyes. False eye lashes were put in between lashes, applied mascara to hold lashes together and give natural looking lashes like model’s own lashes.








Students practice session went on, as the students were all professional makeup artists, they could get the sense of what Ms. Kwon tried to explain. But still the techniques are all new and unique, students were having hard time pulling off what they’ve learned. And they felt 1day for acquiring the techniques and learn K-style makeup. So they wanted to take one more class.

As all students were very new and unfamiliar to cut the lashes how Ms. Kwon does, she taught how to cut lashes into pieces. Students were really happy and enjoying the class. When we awarded certificate to the students, they were all very proud and celebrated all together taking pictures and clapping for each other.






After all class finished, students tried to put on JSM cosmetics at the beauty station at academy from base makeup products like essential skin nuder cc, star-cealer foundation. They tried various colors of tinted paste and lipsticks, too. Then Ms. Kwon took students to Jung Saem Mool Inspiration East salon and showed them makeup chambre where Ms. Kwon works. People can’t come in makeup room unless they’re getting the makeup. But students could exclusively see how it is. Then students purchased JSM cosmetics they’ve tried at the academy and got what they want.








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