Title [International Beginners' course] in November - Last day
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Last day was the day students conducting all the stages and wrap up what they’ve been learning for past 2weeks. Ms. Ju Hee Sohn, Vice President of Jung Saem Mool Inspiration was the instructor of the last day. There is no demonstration on the last day, students stared from the skincare stage. First concept student’s having was wedding makeup then after break time, they moved on to smoky makeup. Ms. Sohn gave 1hour to the students to put all makeups done to models including skincare stage. She was going to give corrections and directions after they are done. But Ms. Sohn was so passionate so focused on their work and constantly let them have more tips from her. 










Jenny and Vanessa took care of every step by themselves, as base makeup is the most important stage of all stages, Ms. Sohn let them grab her hands and wrist to feel the brush touches, tension and movements. Students were nervous but they were trying to remember V-line, thin and thick rule. Jenny was a beginner in makeup but Ms. Sohn was surprised of her attitude and brush grip. Jenny, in a modest way, was saying that’s because she’s been learning and practicing for 2weeks and we all laughed with joy. Vanessa was calm and precise and she was experienced in makeup so she could finish the steps that she wanted to have.








After about 1 1/2 hour of students’ session, Ms. Sohn fixed makeups on both models. Wedding makeup is all about the bride’s beauty. It is the big day, bride’s day and she has to be the most beautiful one on the day. So makeup was very detailed, giving flash and bright look. The brides must have long lasting makeup as brides in Korea usually wear same makeup all day. Ms. Sohn fixed makeups on model’s one side of the face. Natural and defined “I was born like this beautiful” look, enhance the beauty of the bride’s natural beautiful features. It wasn’t mandatory, up to students but both of Jenny and Vanessa finished putting makeup on the other half side of the models’ faces during break time.

After break time, students changed makeups to smoky makeup. They got 1hour to change the makeup. Vanessa got more excited and asked more questions than usual on the smoky makeup session as it was the makeup that she wanted to learn most.








Both of Jenny and Vanessa were concentrated and meticulous and a bit hesitant using strong colors and gradation. Ms. Sohn showed 2 different smoky makeup concepts. One was dark strong smoky using black shadow and pearl shimmer creates extreme contrast. Students were so amazed by Ms. Sohn and as Ms. Sohn was preceding the steps, they were simply fascinated.








The other concept was one that is using more brownish colors. . It is very natural but yet has contrast so it gives you defined and sophisticated look. Jenny and Vanessa were overwhelmed and amazed by Ms. Sohn’s work. And they couldn’t stop showing their respects and admiration. After all of Ms. Sohn’s work, Jenny and Vanessa were awarded certification of completion. We were all deeply moved and deliriously happy.










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