Title [International Beginners' course] in November - kwedding
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The Last concept of 2weeks beginners’ course was K-wedding makeup. Senior director of Jung Saem Mool Inspiration salon, Ms. Sun Mi Park was the instructor of k-wedding makeup classes for 2days.

Jenny got her wedding photo shoot in Korea and it doesn’t have much of Asian style makeup in Vancouver so she wants to have a part time job as a makeup artist for Asians. Especially she was interested in Wedding makeup. And Vanessa said in Malaysia, wedding day is not just for the wedding ceremony so brides change dresses at least 3times and change hair matches the dress. Both of Jenny and Vanessa said other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, China has same culture.








Demonstration started from the skincare step. As it was a wedding makeup, the bride has to look bright and glamorous, Ms. Park mixed skin nuder cc cream with glow base and applied with latex sponge for prep.

And for a long lasting makeup, base makeup has to be done perfectly. You have to use proper amount of foundation, right brush stroke and layer over v-line with connecting movement. The bride’s eye area has to be bright so with star zone brightener, eye area got flashed and radiant just to put on the brightener. Then concealer was applied over the area one more coat. Blush and shading.








On the eye makeup stage, used base shading eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and used natural color to give pure and fresh look. Drew guide line long the bride’s eye shape with brown color mixing black and purple color is giving deeper and profound look so it’s fine too.
Draw eye line and put false lashes matches bride’s eye shape and needs.





On the practice session, students were focused and Ms. Park was so pass and passionate. Ms. Park constantly gave directions and grabbed students’ hands and let them feel the tension and directions of strokes. Make sure the foundation spread out evenly and do not get too thick or thin. To express a vibrant color, proper base makeup has to be done before moving on to the next stage.







Ms. Park asked students to put base and cover makeup on their faces tomorrow for practice. The concept of second day was semi smoky wedding makeup. Base makeup stage got a bit different than day 1. Ms. Park used different method and gave tips like mixing star-cealer foundation and essential glow base. And the steps were bit different than the day 1. And Ms. Park gave tips for different type of blemish, scar and dark circle cover makeup. Eye makeup got darker than day1. She constantly reminded students and explained brush stroke. Always consider bride’s eye shape and length. False lashes length, shape and direction is different depends on the eye shape; mono lids, double lids, hooded, etc.










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