Title [International Beginners' course] in November - kdrama
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Third concept of Beginners’ course was K-drama makeup. Senior manager, Yoon Mi Choi was our instructor for next 2 days. Demonstration started from cleansing step. Ms. Choi was giving lecture while cleansing step. And moved on to skincare step. The skincare product that was used was bit different from in September class, as it got colder and model’s skin condition was different. As it was a drama makeup, glossy skin expression is not proper for HD TV these days.






So instead of makeup base, sunblock was applied. Squeeze proper amount and divide to half, apply one side and move on to the other side. Always remember V-line and thin and thick rule; apply most amounts on the thick area of the face and the least amount on the thin area. But it has to be enough amounts and not too thin so the colors can be expressed bright, radiant and look fresh.


Concept was natural k-drama makeup, very detailed and at the same time, you can try as daily makeup. The most important and difficult stage is base makeup stage to make flawless skin. You have to layer well based foundation so there is no need to apply a lot of concealer. It is better to minimize the brush stroke so you can make clean skin, less concealer is better also. If you put concealer the makeup gets thicker anyways. Blush and contour shading color is natural and Ms. Choi used pink, peach color eye shadow. And drew guide line with brown eye shadow for gradation with eyeliner.








Ms. Choi advised to consider model’s eye shape always. See how the shape changes when the model opens and closes. And make the most beautiful shape when the model opens the eyes. When drawing eye liner, mark three points, three dots then connect the points with brown or black gel liner.







And she gave directions and tips; hold the eyelid with the other hand for support and use tiny cotton puff to prevent unnecessary touch by the hand. Jenny asked about her eye shape and Ms. Choi showed how to draw eye line on Jenny’s eye. When Ms. Choi applied false lashes she gave directions; consider model’s eye shape and natural lashes and the concept. Then curl the lashes with eyelash curler, apply mascara to put lashes together.





Practice started from cleansing step. Even though you know all the steps, you must be skilled. On base makeup stage, Ms. Choi pointed out parts that needed to be corrected. She gave correction on brush stroke, figuring out V-line, thickness, etc. As students were trying to follow thin and thick rule, base makeup got too thin, it looked more like bare skin. So Ms. Choi gave directions and corrections on the amount of the foundation and proper parts that thick layers and the thin layers had to be applied.



During the class, Jenny was asking questions and if there is something she doesn’t understand, she was very enthusiastic to figure out. She was a beginner with no experience so had difficulties remembering steps but got to pull off at the end of the class.


She was really great communicating with models. Vanessa was quiet and calm, as she has 8 years of experience in makeup, she concentrated and finished what she wanted to express. And Vanessa was new to Ms. Jung Saem Mool’s makeup techniques but she had 8 years of experiences, she was much focused and calm could catch the instructor’s points and advices well and applied to her practice. On day2, practice session continued. Base makeup got too thin, so Ms. Choi constantly gave directions and got very enthusiastic to let students learn as much as they can. Ms. Choi also gave advices regarding attitudes, mindsets even gestures and postures that makeup artists should have.









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