Title [International Beginners' course] in November - Kpop
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The second concept of 2weeks beginners’ class was K-pop makeup. Director Hee Yoo was the instructor of the classes. K-pop stars usually go with two kinds of look. One is cute and sweet-heart looking makeup, the other one is sexy and smoky makeup. K-pop stars dance and sweat a lot on the stage so their makeup requires extra care with water-proof and smudge-proof.








The first day’s concept was bling bling cute looking makeup. To make the skin makeup last longer, Ms. Yoo applied foundation primer before applying star- cealer foundation. Then she applied eye brightener to the star zone. Ms. Yoo applied very small amount of JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Illuminator on nose tip and cheeks to make it glow. And it’s better to use cream type blush for long wearing vivid color. When applying eye shadows, Ms. Yoo placed bigger glittered eye shadow on upper eyelid as well as lower eyelid to make the eye beauty line using fingertip. Bigger glittered eye shadow easily gets off from the skin, so you have to layer them carefully using fingers, not brush. Ms. Yoo gave important tips to remember like when you use glittered eye shadows, try to avoid some colors that contain lots of white pigments which can make the eyes look swollen. And Ms. Yoo applied a lovely and lively color tinted lip gloss for the youthful look.







 Jenny and Vanessa were wondering that K-pop stars’ makeup is all about looking younger and girly. Why are they so obsessed with looking younger? Looking younger is one of the biggest trends in Asia. But the trend is changing these days. And now they want to look mature and sexy occasionally.





On the day2, makeup concept was smoky makeup. The key point of smoky makeup is to prevent the messiness and smudginess while using very dark and deep color for the eyes. Especially for K-pop stars, who actively dance and sweat on the stage, water-proofing is extremely important.



Base makeup stage was same as day1. Ms. Yoo chose couple of dark color eye shadows without too much glitter. And she mixed couple of dark eye shadow. It is better to use cream type shadows for long-wearing and vivid color. Eye shadows were layered several times as making a natural gradation. You always be careful not to get too messy or smudged. Ms. Yoo drew eye line using the black liquid eyeliner this time. And applied a pair of thick false lashes and curled the lashes. She applied mascara and iron them to make the lashes look natural and stick together with original lashes. Eye brows were roughly shaped using a lighter color of brow pencil. If you define the eyebrow too much with dark color, it will look too extreme and unnatural, so try to tone down with eyebrow.








Then Ms. Yoo applied neutral color with little bit of orange color to cheek bone area as well as outline of the face. It can also give a contouring effect. For the lips, you can either go strong with lips with red or burgundy colored lipstick, or go more chic and modern with nude tone lipstick. Make sure to layer the lip color several times for long-wearing.

Jenny and Vanessa had questions while carefully watching the makeup session. One of the questions was that can people who do not have double eyelid do the smoky makeup too. If they can, how different is it. And Ms. Yoo demonstrated to Jenny who has beautiful monolid to show how it works.







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