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2weeks beginners’ course opened on November 9, 2015. We had 2 students in our class, Jenny from Canada and Vanessa from Malaysia. Both of them were very excited to join in November class. Instructor for base makeup classes were Senior Director, Hee Sun Kwon.


After a short introduction, class started with demonstration. The demonstration started from cleansing step. Soaked cotton pad with eye remover and were put on eyes and lips. While removing eye makeup, put remover-soaked cotton pad on lips and it will be easier to get removed. Ms. Kwon gave tip; make sure to remove cotton pad on the lips so the model can breathe. Using cleansing oil, put enough amount of cleansing oil to a cotton pad, swipe the face first, then start massaging with hands to get rid of pores, dead cells and sebum.






Ms. Kwon showed how to give massage handling and gave tip. After removing all makeup, next step was skincare step. Make sure that all skin care products are properly applied and absorbed to move on to the next step. Always check before moving to next step.


On the base makeup stage, the amount of the foundation that was applied to right part on the face is the most important thing. And matching the right color is another important thing. With star cealer foundation, one pump is enough to cover the entire face. Put right amount on the both sides of the brush, draw an imaginary diagonal line from the tail of eyebrows and lateral commissure then apply foundation by layering with connecting brush stroke. Cover darker areas with star zone brightener. Color can be different depends on the skin color. Cover blemishes and troubled areas with concealer. Then apply blush and contour shading.





After demonstration, Jenny and Vanessa started practice. On the very first day of our classes, both of them were very nervous. Especially Jenny, she doesn’t have any experience in putting makeup on others, was very confused. She had trouble remembering the steps and adjusting the amount of makeup products. But she paid attention to every detail. Vanessa has few years of experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist, so was comfortable doing makeup. She was very fast and clam.


On the second day, students practice session went on and Ms. Kwon watched very carefully and gave directions. Jenny prepared the right products and tools on the second day and got little faster. As Jenny wanted to learn different contouring makeup from American style and she was adjusting to Korean style. Asian women have more flat bone structure than western women therefore too much contouring don’t look good on Asian women. Vanessa used bit too little amount of products while cleansing and putting on the makeup. She learned about using multiple colors to cover the all kinds of blemishes, acne, freckles and dark circle.




On the third day, Ms. Kwon had demonstration of glowing base makeup. Ms. Kwon applied pearl-based shimmery makeup primer (Jung Saem Mool Essential Glow Base) after the skincare steps. And mixed the primer to liquid foundation and applied to skin. Then covered blemishes using small amount of concealer and skip the powder for radiant glowing look. This look was very popular in Korea but not suitable for daily makeup because it gets erased too easily and hard to cover blemish. This look is generally used for skincare or skin makeup product commercials.






Jenny and Vanessa practice on models. Jenny got pretty faster generally and got little confident and comfortable doing it on models. And massaging skill got much better. Vanessa had no problem completing all the steps.









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