Title [International Beginners’ course] in September
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Ms. Ju Hee Sohn, Vice president of Jung Saem Mool Inspiration, was conducting the last day of 2weeks international beginners’ course. From the very beginning, Anka showed Wedding makeup based on what she have learned for past 2weeks, Ms. Sohn concentrated on what Anka was doing, and gave corrections and lecture.









On the skin care stage, Ms. Sohn commented that amount of skincare product is also important to have a flawless bare skin. As Anka’s weakest point was mixing a right color foundation, Ms. Sohn gave lecture about the ratio and colors she may use and the cosmetics that are not suitable for making right color and texture. When Anka was applying foundation to a model, she was having hard time getting a proper brush technique, Ms. Sohn made Anka grab Ms. Sohn’s wrist and arm so she could feel the pressure. Also Ms. Sohn let Anka grab her hand and fingers so Anka could feel and get the right brush directions, and tension.



As Anka moved on to the next step, Ms. Sohn carefully followed with her eyes and helped her to get everything right. Based on Wet and Dry rule, Ms. Sohn kindly corrected what Anka was struggling; another weakest point, blush.

In every step, Ms. Sohn concentrated, gave directions and even demonstrations. Within a few brush strokes, Ms. Sohn finished perfectly gorgeous wedding makeup.






After a short break, Anka continued to fix makeup and do K-pop dark smoky makeup. Fixing makeup is also part of makeup stages so it is important that it has to be nicely done. While fixing makeup, Ms Sohn was continuously giving advices and tips.

Darker and stronger makeup were used in K-pop smoky makeup, eye line angle, shape and eye brows shape, color, arch were different. Ms. Sohn taught how to apply false eyelashes and some key points that Anka has to remember. After Anka finished her work, Ms Sohn fixed the makeup, demonstrated focusing on the contrast makeup and took it to another level. Anka was full of astonishment and mesmerize by Ms. Sohn’s work.



At the end of 2weeks beginners’ class, certification of completion was awarded to Anka. We were all sad that the course has finished. At the same time, we were proud of Anka that she has been great student and improved a lot. And Anka was so happy to have all these experiences and learned at JSM Art&Acadmey.















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