Title [International Beginners’ course] in September - wedding
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4th concept of 2weeks beginners’ course was Wedding makeup, and on day1, senior director of Jung Saem Mool Inspiration, Sun Mi Park gave lecture and demonstrated natural wedding makeup. Korea’s wedding makeup style is natural and long-lasting makeup; most of the brides want pure and natural makeup. Key point for the wedding makeup is brighter tone, and right color base makeup matches neck and shoulder color.
For bridal eye makeup, Ms. Park used peach color cream shadow for long-lasting makeup. Then draw guide line with eye shadow and applied stick cream shadow to give depth to the eyes. When putting on false eye lashes, you have to consider bride’s eye shape and choose the right length to the different part of the eye.










On the 1st day of wedding makeup class, Florence from Hong Kong, joined for one day. She actually wanted to take specialist course and e-mailed us but we didn’t have specialist course opened so she couldn’t take. And during her trip to Korea, she visited JSM Art& Academy to see if there is any class, yes we were having beginners’ class. She wanted to join in our class so badly. Lucky for both of us and Florence to have her in the Wedding makeup class.

After Ms. Park demonstrated, Anka and Florence start practicing. They said in Hong Kong, wedding make up is quite different from Korea. Since wedding style is very different, usually they have all day wedding; ceremony and after party, so they change dresses 2-3 times. So brides wear a bit strong makeup using bright colors rather than natural makeup. Again, Anka and Florence were overwhelmed by base makeup based on Ms. Jung Saem Mool’s unique Thin and Thick rule. Perfectly covered, yet very light and thin. And in every class when the students practice, they start from the skincare stage and base makeup so we could see Anka’s improvement since the first day of class.



Florence has been working as a makeup artist in Hong Kong for about 8years, and she found it different also. She has been using makeup base, foundation, powder, blush, everything separately and layered over, so the base makeup was much thicker than what we have learned today. Florence was very pleased and said she’ll be back for another class in next year. Ms. Park was very passionate and while Anka and Florence were practicing, she grabbed their hands and demonstrated so they could feel the touch, pressure and direction of the brush Ms. Park was handling. Key points to remember; you have to have design of the eyes in your mind from the beginning, so eye shadows and eye line can be properly applied to during all the steps.







The wedding concept of the second day was semi smoky makeup. Usually brides in Korea rarely wear semi smoky makeup on their wedding day but these days some brides want to wear on a big day and ones who have after party. Some of the brides wear semi smoky makeup on their wedding photo shoot. Base routine was same with the day before, blush and powder color was similar. Eyeshadows were darker and the guide line shadow color was darker and thicker. Depend on the brides’ eye shapes, you need to draw fitted eye line. So Lost and Found technique was applied, make sure to let the brides open and close their eyes constantly during eye makeup and check the eye shapes and lines you are drawing.

Anka was very happy to learn natural and semi smoky Korean style wedding makeup using natural elegance colors. Pulling out the natural sophisticated beauty and make the most alluring brides on their big day.












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