Title [International Beginners’ course] in September - Kpop
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3rd concept of 2weeks beginners’ course was K-Pop makeup, and so called bling bling makeup. This is brilliant makeup that most of the girlish idols wear on the stage. Ms. Hee Yoo, director of Jung Saem Mool Inspiration explained the differences between k-pop and k-drama makeups. And on stage makeup, features have to look bigger to stand out. Stage, lightings, effects, settings are very bright and flashy so makeups have to be more sparkling to stand among those environments. Base makeup is little bit different than usual; foundation has to be applied a bit thicker than k-drama. Color is more vibrant, and you can create the exact color you want it supposed to be. It also gives long lasting makeup. Ms. Yoo gave some key points for K-pop makeups.








Specific circumstances as idols, they have 2-3 times of rehearsals then makeups get messy later on, so powder is not applied from the beginning. Eye shadow color is different also and Ms. Yoo gave lecture about the best colors that can stand out for the stage makeups. Long lasting, water proof, smudge proof makeups are the key points of k-pop makeups.



False eye lashes are all about how to make eyes look longer and bigger also, Ms. Yoo gave useful tips about how to make it. Ms. Yoo taught basics like how to cut and prepare false eye lashes, proper gluing points and useful tips. And when drawing eye brows, she taught how to easily balance both sides. Anka was concentrating on every step; she didn’t want to miss anything. She started practicing from the skin care stage, Ms. Yoo stood right besides watched every step and gave corrections and directions.







On the next day, we had a K-pop smoky makeup class. Base make up was same with the day before but 2nd day’s concept was smoky makeup, blush areas and colors were different, eyeshadow colors were very much darker and eye line was stronger, more edgy and false eye lashes were in different thickness and length. The ways to put on false lashes were different. And those false lashes were fuller and extremer than bling bling makeup. Eye brows color, length, shape, arch was sharper and edger.  Everything is different in every concept. And on the second day of K-pop makeup session, it was more glamorous and radiant than day 1.









After Anka finished practice K-pop makeup, she practiced the part that she wanted to go over. She has been having difficulties mixing foundations and figuring blush areas. So she wanted to practice more on those parts. It is very hard to match the right color for different colors of skin, so during the class, Anka practiced mixing and blending to produce the right color. And Ms.Yoo encouraged and focused on helping her improvement.















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